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Web3 Transformation: Revamping OP3N
In my role as a UIUX designer at EST Media, I led a team of three designers from the initial conceptualization to the successful launch of multiple design iterations.
OP3N is a E-Commerce and Community platform, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. I worked as a UIUX Designer for OP3N from Summer 2021 to Winter 2022 at EST Media. I spearheaded the design of the E-commerce feature, streamlined the user journey for improved navigation, and developed a unified design system. The redesign garnered 5000 new users within a four-month period.
2 Project manager, 3 designers, 10+ engineers, and Long Lost Friends Lnc
Aug 2022 - Nov 2022
Case Studies of my focus areas during the redesign
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Effortless Content Discovery and
Meaningful Engagement
Community Engagement
Informed Checkout and Flexible
Payment Options
Ecommerce - Checkout 
Intuitive and simple Navigation for a
powerful platform
Menu, Filter and Sort features
Cohesive Design System for Accessibility and Efficiency
Design System
Overview Of The Redesign Experience
Desktop - Dark Mode - Community - Home Page
Mobile - Light Mode - Merchandise  - Home Page
Mobile - Dark Mode - Ticketing  - Home Page
Clothing Filter.png
Intuitive Navigation
Tier Selected.png
Seamless Shopping Experience
MacBook Pro 14_ - 1.png
MacBook Pro 14_ - 8.png
Cohesive Design System for Dark and Light Modes
Final Outcome: Highlights
Each highlight captures an aspect of the new OP3N experience. It calls out which design goal it adheres to, what user scenario or problem its solving and what the solution is.
Design Goal: Simple
Streamlined Exploration: Intuitive Navigation and Informative Content
User Scenario: Explore
Users visit OP3N to explore and learn about specific creators and projects. Our goal is to provide an intuitive experience that allows seamless navigation, captivating project discovery, and understanding of their favorite creators' work.
Our landing page features an attention-grabbing call-to-action button and a user-friendly selection menu for effortless navigation and content discovery. Prioritizing simplicity and intuitiveness, we offer a seamless browsing experience that promotes exploration and user satisfaction.
Design Goal: Engaging
Engage Users with Timely Updates, Live Interactions, and NFT Sales
Problem: Stay Informed
Users lack timely information about live sessions, chatroom interactions, and NFT launch sales, which hinders their ability to effectively engage with creators on OP3N.
We prioritize users' preferred communities, prominently displaying them for easy engagement. Tags like "live" and "chat" indicate real-time interactions, encouraging active participation. We provide updates on new community releases, keeping users informed. For NFT launch sales, we showcase recent sales and include countdown timers, enhancing user engagement. Users can also preview upcoming NFTs, fostering excitement.
Design Goal: Engaging
Enhance Engagement with Creators with Live Sessions and Chat Interactions
User Scenario: Support
Users on our platform aspire to build connections and learn more about their admired creators. They seek an effortless way to engage in activities hosted by these creators.
At the top of the page, users are promptly notified about live sessions organized by creators. By simply clicking on the profile image adorned with a "live" tag, users can seamlessly join the live session and actively participate in real-time conversations through the integrated chat feature. Additionally, users are presented with a curated collection of associated NFTs, providing them an opportunity to support their beloved creators and preview upcoming sales.
Design Goal: Coherent
Unified Presentation of Diverse Digital Assets Across Different Stages
User Scenario: Support, Stay Informed
Users want to explore the diverse content offered on the OP3N platform. They navigate through different sections such as communities, merchandise, and ticketing, seeking a seamless experience that maintains a consistent OP3N vibe. Users should be able to easily differentiate the various types of content they encounter and understand how to interact with each of them, while still feeling a cohesive and unified experience throughout their journey.
We designed rich and consistent cards for presenting varied content on OP3N. Visual cues like tags and text help users distinguish content types based on interests or goals. The cards offer clear pathways for intuitive interaction based on user preferences and intentions.
Haven't Follow.png
During my tenure at EST Media, we achieved significant milestones in user acquisition and satisfaction. Within six months of launching our first MVP, we successfully onboarded approximately 6,000 new users. This impressive growth continued as we gained an additional 5,000 users within four months following our reimbursement efforts.

The positive feedback from our users on our platform has been overwhelming, leading to a significant decrease in support requests by 68%. 

One notable observation from our user data is that 69% of our users did not previously possess a crypto wallet. Through our platform's introduction to the Web3 community, we successfully encouraged these more conservative Web2 users to explore and embrace the new and trending concept of cryptocurrency.

I am proud to have contributed to this transformative journey, introducing users to innovative technologies and fostering their engagement within the Web3 space. The results achieved at EST Media demonstrate my ability to drive user adoption, enhance user satisfaction, and effectively bridge the gap between traditional and emerging technologies.
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