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Effortless Content Discovery and Meaningful Engagement
Problem Statement
Our users join our platform to connect with their favorite creators. However, our current approach lacks an efficient strategy to fulfill this need. How might we design a platform that presents personalized content and provides immediate updates to enhances connections between users and creators.
Breakdown Of The Problem
🧭 Inefficient navigation
New users find hard to locate projects and engage in activities they are looking for
🖐️ Minimum Participation
Limited activities to increase usage time or retain users
👀 Insufficient Updates and Activity Visibility 
Users lack timely information about live sessions, chatroom interactions, and NFT launch sales
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Overview Of The Old Experience
The Old OP3N Home Page

Lack of onboarding or guidance to introduce the platform

Inefficient for users to locate their interested project from the vertical scrolling feed

Lack of guidance for locked items, leaving users without a clear path to continue their experience on the platform
Information overload, with a visually challenging interface for users to prioritize content they are looking for

Inconsistency of icons and feature entry from the home page leading to confusion
Due to budget constraints, we implemented a support channel during the initial launch. This channel allowed our users to actively communicate any issues they encountered to enhance our product design. The comments we received served as valuable data points that informed our redesign process.
We kicked off the process with a comprehensive experience review of the current experience with the product triad.
Key Takeaways 
We took a strategic decision to intentionally position OP3N for followers to amplify growth.
The platform's unclear information architecture caused navigation difficulties.
User challenges with new product features highlight the need for improved onboarding.
An end-to-end visual and usability refresh to make OP3N enjoyable and engaging.
Design Goal
Captivates users and encourage their participation
Straightforward guidance and help users complete task efficiently
Focusing on user jobs and consistent user experience
OP3N is used by both followers and creators. A significant portion of followers initially joined OP3N due to their interest in creators who release projects on the platform. Our primary objective is to enhance the follower experience by facilitating easy discovery of their desired projects, seamless purchase of related content, fostering connections with creators, and providing opportunities to explore other projects available on OP3N.
Creators on OP3N are to showcase their projects and offer associated products. Creators hope to establish meaningful connections with their fans, thereby enabling successful product sales.
Followers on OP3N actively seek to support for their admired creators. They aspire to foster closer relationships and gain access to exclusive content from these creators.
Identifying and prioritizing user jobs.
A comprehensive list of user jobs across personas were framed and stack ranked. This exercise laid the foundation for our MVP.
An example of the Job-To-Be-Done for OP3N to capture user jobs and needs
As a follower
When I discover new projects and connect with creators I admire
I seek to explore content and build relationships with creators
I engage in discussions and gain access to exclusive content
Bucketing user jobs into the stages of the user journey
Enrolling our triad into our design workshops worked out wonderfully as our engineers and program managers with extensive product knowledge in web3, existing OP3N users, and the platform's backend infrastructure brought diverse and comprehensive perspectives to the table. Together, we charted out a plan for the revamp. By leveraging our collective expertise, we ensured a well-rounded strategy that considered multiple facets of the product.
Users discover OP3N and its diverse range of creative projects

Users explore the platform to find content that align with their interests
Users follow creators whose work resonates with them

Users join communities and engage with the creators
Users engage with creators through live sessions and chat

Users show support by  purchasing exclusive content
Stay Informed
Users receive notifications and updates on creators and projects

Users stay informed about the releases, events, and news
Users enjoy the unique content and experiences

Satisfied users recommending OP3N to their network
Final Outcome: Highlights
Each highlight captures an aspect of the new OP3N experience. It calls out which design goal it adheres to, what user scenario or problem its solving and what the solution is.
Design Goal: Simple
Streamlined Exploration: Intuitive Navigation and Informative Content
User Scenario: Explore
Users visit OP3N to explore and learn about specific creators and projects. Our goal is to provide an intuitive experience that allows seamless navigation, captivating project discovery, and understanding of their favorite creators' work.
Our landing page features an attention-grabbing call-to-action button and a user-friendly selection menu for effortless navigation and content discovery. Prioritizing simplicity and intuitiveness, we offer a seamless browsing experience that promotes exploration and user satisfaction.
Design Goal: Engaging
Engage Users with Timely Updates, Live Interactions, and NFT Sales
Problem: Stay Informed
Users lack timely information about live sessions, chatroom interactions, and NFT launch sales, which hinders their ability to effectively engage with creators on OP3N.
We prioritize users' preferred communities, prominently displaying them for easy engagement. Tags like "live" and "chat" indicate real-time interactions, encouraging active participation. We provide updates on new community releases, keeping users informed. For NFT launch sales, we showcase recent sales and include countdown timers, enhancing user engagement. Users can also preview upcoming NFTs, fostering excitement.
Design Goal: Engaging
Enhance Engagement with Creators with Live Sessions and Chat Interactions
User Scenario: Support
Users on our platform aspire to build connections and learn more about their admired creators. They seek an effortless way to engage in activities hosted by these creators.
At the top of the page, users are promptly notified about live sessions organized by creators. By simply clicking on the profile image adorned with a "live" tag, users can seamlessly join the live session and actively participate in real-time conversations through the integrated chat feature. Additionally, users are presented with a curated collection of associated NFTs, providing them an opportunity to support their beloved creators and preview upcoming sales.
Design Goal: Coherent
Unified Presentation of Diverse Digital Assets Across Different Stages
User Scenario: Support, Stay Informed
Users want to explore the diverse content offered on the OP3N platform. They navigate through different sections such as communities, merchandise, and ticketing, seeking a seamless experience that maintains a consistent OP3N vibe. Users should be able to easily differentiate the various types of content they encounter and understand how to interact with each of them, while still feeling a cohesive and unified experience throughout their journey.
We designed rich and consistent cards for presenting varied content on OP3N. Visual cues like tags and text help users distinguish content types based on interests or goals. The cards offer clear pathways for intuitive interaction based on user preferences and intentions.
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