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A transition from community app to web3 community ecosystem
As a UIUX designer at EST Media, I oversaw the OP3N project and guided a team of three designers through the entire design process, from initial ideation to the final launch of the design.
OP3N was originally a content-driven community-based app. With the emergence of Web3 technology, there is a growing demand for decentralized and community-driven applications that enable users to manage their digital identity and assets on the blockchain. 
1 Project manager, 3 designers, 10+ engineers
Aug 2021 - Oct 2022

After the platform's recent launch, it garnered 6,000 new users within a four-month period, with 5% of those users opting to pay for its services.

Comprehensive Profile
A profile dashboard that enables users to quickly comprehend their web3 engagement
Followed Projects
Quickly access content from communities that interest users.
NFT Collection
Assist users in monitoring their NFT purchase history and enhance customer service.
Provide access to desired events and track attendance data to improve future events.
 External Token Wallets
Seamlessly and reliably integrate in-app content and external token wallets

How can we design a comprehensive profile for Web3 community app that attracts new users who are interested in decentralized applications? How can we design a crypto wallet integration that is easy to use and understand for both existing and new users?

Prior to commencing the redesign process, we conducted a thorough analysis of the current platform and pinpointed specific areas that require adjustments for the upcoming phase.
Reduce background image size for more information display without scrolling
New font type for better readability
Create visual balance
Reduce scrolling for viewing
more projects at a time
Avoid long repetitive text and instead add images to improve engagement
Identify User
Existing App Users
We want to retain their existing user base and provide a seamless transition to the Web3 community app.
Web3 enthusiasts
We want to attract new users who are interested in decentralized applications and Web3 technology. These users may be attracted to the app because of exclusive content and their interested creators.
Content Creaters
Content creators who wants to find new and innovative ways to monetize her music and connect with their fans.
User Research - Affinity Diagram
We started with user interview to Identifying and prioritizing user jobs and new Web 3 features.
Users seek a familiarized Web 2.0 experience to facilitate their transition into the Web 3.0 experience.
Users are seeking easy and straightforward methods to access their owned content.
Users place great importance on dependable wallet setup and flexible asset management.
Information Display
User Flow
Problems to solve
Competitor Analysis


Screen Shot 2023-03-08 at 1.58.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-08 at 4.56 1.png
Op3n offers users an extensive summary of their activities on the platform and enables user interactions with other users. For new users, displaying followed projects, NFT collections, and ticketing provides a quick understanding of what the platform can offer.
The Dashboard serves as a homepage acting as a profile that offers a comprehensive overview of all the platform's functionalities at a glance, allowing users to quickly grasp and understand them.
The account profile showcases a user's activity in NFT trading and shared posts, providing a clear picture of their interests to visitors. This fosters a sense of community and promotes social bonding among users.




Unlike traditional social media profiles, users on this platform cannot showcase their own content. Instead, they showcase the content they follow, which requires new users to adapt to
this difference.
Users lack access to a summary of their ownerships and activities on the platform.
The account section primarily focuses on showcasing "tiers" and "NFTs" created by creators/communities, but it falls short in displaying the engagement between creators and their followers.
Promoting user interactions, followed projects, and events on the profile improves new users and creators commitment, resulting in higher user retention. Moreover, OP3N's comprehensive overview function enables quick access to the required content.
The platform emphasizes the social media tweets feature, enabling users to swiftly access the information they follow and popular posts. promotes transparency of information within the Web3 community by providing post features that facilitate the transition of new users from Web2 to Web3.


Web3 users may perceive the profile as lacking in professional crypto information and may seek additional content on other platforms.
What strategies do they use to retain their users, considering that users are more accustomed to and engaged with similar social media platforms such as Twitter?
The platform runs the risk of losing potential new users when it displays information that is too technical and geared towards Web3 professionals, instead of catering to a broader audience.
Project Goals
Based on insights gathered from user interviews, we collaborated with the project manager and identified the design tasks that needed to be accomplished.


Develop a profile dashboard that enables users to quickly comprehend their web3 engagement, such as followed communities, projects, purchased tickets, and owned NFTs.


Provide users with transparent information about their previous purchases.


Establish versatile connections to external token wallets.


Seamlessly integrate in-app content and external token wallets.


Create visual components that adhere to the existing design systems while embracing the Web3 aesthetic.
Information Architecture
We mapped out user journey and arranged the features to be designed using information architecture that aligned with our design objectives.
I proactively created sketches to aid the team in visualizing their concepts and exploring various features.
Low-fi Prototype 
We created low fidelity prototype for primary functionality testings, and received feedback for next round design.
Profile - Main
After conducting primary functionality testing, we discovered that users prefer having a profile that contains comprehensive information about their activities. This enables them to easily track and manage their various activities on the platform.
Followed Project
Quick share option on the followed project page enables users to easily interact with their in-app friends.

Users do not find the "Enter chat" option to be useful, and prefer to access the chat feature from the main navigation.

Users suggested displaying the "follow" option along with the number of followers would make it easier to modify and understand the size of the community.
NFT Collection 
Users are hoping to see how their purchased NFT is unique or different from other NFTs in the same collection, as this would increase their interest in potentially purchasing additional NFTs.
Manage Wallet
Users have expressed that they find the wallet integration feature on profiles to be useful, as it allows them to easily identify the payment method they are currently using.

Some users have indicated that they do not consider the list of all their connected wallets to be necessary. Rather, they prefer to see their preferred payment method displayed prominently.
Users appreciate having a QR code button available when viewing their list of tickets, as it allows for quick and easy access to events.

Users have expressed a preference for an option to display a larger size of the QR code when accessing an event using their phone.
Final Solution
Following our usability testing, we incorporated user feedback into the final design solution. We gained a clear understanding of what users expect to see on their profile page to improve their overall platform experience. The final design provides users with rich content and facilitates speedy and clear actions to accommodate their various requests.
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